Marine and Offshore HVAC/R in Beaumont, Texas

EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc. located in Beaumont, Texas has specialized in Marine and Offshore HVAC and Refrigeration since 1984. We supply HVAC/R equipment and offer worldwide service to seagoing vessels with the utmost expertise in the design and installation of HVAC systems. This includes merchant, tankers, tugs, RO/RO vessels, ferries and passenger vessels. Call EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc at 409-866-5213 or 800-750-6028 to schedule a time to meet with one of our engineers to discuss your needs.

Marine and Offshore HVACR Upgrade and Maintenance

EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc. offers standard equipment and many available upgrades according to budget and overall equipment exposure. Saltwater spray and other corrosive elements can drastically affect the lifespan and performance of HVAC equipment.
The below upgrades are frequently utilized to maximize equipment lifespan and reliability…

  • All copper condenser coils
  • Aluminum fin, copper tube condenser coils with specialized coatings (in-house spray, brake and dip, etc.)
  • Water cooled condensers (standard materials as well as cupro-nickel, stainless steel, and others available)
  • Special sheet metal cabinet coatings (epoxies, urethanes, bed-liner style, etc.)
  • Cabinet re-construction in 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Explosion proof hazardous rated equipment for hazardous marine environments (drill floors, flammable gas and liquid processing areas, etc.)

Marine and Offshore Equipment Examples:

  • Rooftop Units (RTU)
  • Package Units
  • Split Systems
  • Condensing Units
  • Air Handlers
  • Chillers
  • Refrigeration machines (product refrigeration, freezers/coolers for food and provisions storage)