Commercial Standard / Modified HVAC Systems

EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc. located in Beaumont, Texas provides Commercial Standard/Modified HVAC Systems. Whether you have buildings in the hospitality, healthcare, data centers, or educational fields, EPS designs, builds, and installs brand new units to custom fit your unique needs. Our experience in meeting the needs of our vast customer base is second to none and our customer service is built on trust and commitment. Call EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc at 409-866-5213 or 800-750-6028 to schedule a time to meet with one of our engineers to discuss your needs.

EPS – Engineered Packaged Systems, Inc Units, Options, & Coatings:

Standard and Modified Units Available

  • Rooftop Units (RTU)
  • Package Units
  • Split Systems
  • Condensing Units
  • Air Handlers
  • Chillers

Typical options…

  • Coil coatings
  • Custom sheet metal including stainless steel
  • Custom cabinet coatings (PPG, Sherwin Williams, various epoxies, urethanes, etc.)
  • Custom controls
  • Custom refrigerants
  • Custom piping, solenoids, valves, etc.

Coil coatings offered…

  • Direct spray with EPS disassembly/reassembly/recharging of equipment
  • Multiple brands and styles of coating available
  • Removal and bake and dip coatings
  • Reproduction or replacement of coils in other materials